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BBC News: Ukraine begins 'anti-terror' action
Wednesday 16th April 2014
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Live BBC World News

Ukraine begins 'anti-terror' action

Authorities in Kiev announce the start of an "anti-terrorist operation" against pro-Russian separatists, as Moscow warns that Ukraine is on the brink of civil war.

South Korea ferry rescue under way

A major rescue operation is under way after a ferry carrying 476 people capsized off South Korea, coastguard officials say.

Mini-sub resumes search for plane

A robotic submarine resumes its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on the seabed of the southern Indian Ocean.

China's 7.4% growth beats forecast

China's economy expanded by 7.4% in the first quarter of the year, better than expected but down from 7.7% at the end of 2013.

NYPD disbands Muslim 'spying' unit

The New York Police department shutters a secret programme designed to listen to and track Muslims in the city's neighbourhoods to identify threats.

Boston marks bombing anniversary

Boston marks the anniversary of the deadly bombing at last year's marathon, honouring the dead and lauding the strength of the survivors.

Syria 'torture' photos shown to UN

Members of the UN Security Council view graphic photographs of prisoners allegedly tortured by Syrian government forces.

BBC Sports News

Arsenal 3-1 West Ham United

Arsenal come from behind to beat West Ham 3-1 and move back above Everton into fourth place in the Premier League.

Lack of Englishmen not key - Pellegrini

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini says a lack of English players was not a factor in the defeat by Liverpool.

Quigley lands second gold in Glasgow

Lauren Quigley breaks an English record as she wins her second gold medal at the British Championships in Glasgow.

New coach must remodel arrogant England - Agnew

Arrogant and complacent in Australia, England must restore the pride in the shirt, says BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew

AskTen - Ten amazing things you may not have known last week

1. The Social Progress Index, which includes factors other than economic makers such as GDP, ranks Britain 13th – ahead of Japan, France and the US. We come top for education (thanks to our universities), freedom of speech and assembly, and bottom for malnutrition. We rank low on press freedom and fare badly for obesity, too. The Observer

2. Six out of 10 graduates will not earn enough to repay their student loans. In the current system, you start repaying your debt at a rate of £30 per month when you earn at least £16,910 a year. Given that the average debt is £44,000, this means the government could be waiting 122 years to get its money back. Sunday Times

3. Property ownership has fallen to its lowest level since 1987, according to official figures. In 2003, when home ownership in the UK peaked, 71% of Britons lived in homes they owned. However, last year the figure dropped to 65.2%. The number of people renting homes nearly doubled from 2.2m in 2002/03, to 3.9m last year. Daily Express

4. 41% of British 18 to 30-year-olds are “always positive and make the best out of every situation”. 27% say their vision for success is best described by “earning lots of money”; if given €10,000 (£8,240), 22% say they would use the money to start their own business. Daily Telegraph

5. Councils in England and Wales hit motorists with an estimated 7.8m parking tickets last year – the equivalent of one every four seconds. St Edmundsbury borough council in Suffolk issued 9,442 tickets last year, against 1,652 in 2012 – a 472% increase. Sunday Times

6. Tony Blair’s son Euan is planning to stand for parliament and targeting one of Labour’s safest seats for the next general election. He is believed to have his eye on Bootle, Merseyside, which is not far from his mother Cherie’s childhood home. However, a Labour source says it would be a “disaster” if the “heir to Blair” stood. Daily Mail

7. Ukip has received its highest-ever polling position. In a ComRes poll, Nigel Farage’s party is on 20%, up four points from last month. The Tories, hit by the Maria Miller scandal, are down three to 29%, their lowest rating this year. Labour remains unchanged on 35%, with the Liberal Democrats on a lowly 7%. Independent On Sunday

8. The Beverly House off Sunset Boulevard, where they filmed The Godfather scene involving the decapitated head of a horse, is up for sale. The house is priced at £81m. “But a local wit suggests: ‘Make them an offer they can’t refuse’.” Daily Mail

9. The average annual income Britons think they need to be earning in order to experience a happy life is £83,000. The average UK salary is £26,500. BBC

10. The number of credit cards in issue in Britain now stands at 56,000,000, which accounts for 70% of all European credit cards. Financial Times

The latest BBC Video News clips

VIDEO: Defence minister confronted in Glasgow

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond warns that a 'yes' vote in the Scottish referendum could leave both Scotland and the UK "weaker".

VIDEO: 'I never thought I'd need charity'

Sarah Rae from Gillingham, Dorset, explains why she was forced to turn to food banks.

VIDEO: Anti-graffiti CCTV captures Banksy

A security camera has revealed footage of the artist Banksy and an accomplice at work in Bristol in the early hours of Sunday morning

VIDEO: Lorry facelift to cut cycling deaths

A new lorry design aimed at reducing the number of cyclists killed in collisions with lorries has been approved by the European Parliament.

VIDEO: Anfield falls silent for anniversary

Crowds at Liverpool's Anfield stadium have held a minute's silence to mark the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 people died.

VIDEO: Ex-terror chief heads 'Trojan horse' probe

An inquiry into allegations of a hard-line Islamist plot to take over 25 Birmingham schools is to be lead by the Met's former national head of counter terrorism, it has been announced.

VIDEO: Lord Tebbit turns children's writer

Lord Tebbit, the former Tory minister and party chairman turns his hand to writing a children's novel, the central character being a 14-year-old boy left paralysed after a car crash.

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